Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Will the Android Tablet Surpass the Apple iPhone

The question on everyone's mind is if the Android tablet will surpass the Apple iPhone? Many experts and lay people feel that the Android tablet is already taking Apple by surprise. The Android tablet is a highly innovative and cutting edge device that is sweeping people off of their feet. Here are some quotes that seem to back up the idea of Android zooming past the Apple iPhone:

Android is definitely is a hit out on the market and it is getting a lot of attention.
A strong comparison between Android and Apple will take place.
Android will continue to move in on Apple's shadow
Apple has dependability that cannot be matched.
Android is more diversified.

Also, even though it seems as though these two phones are so similar that they are almost alike, if you look a little closer look you can see some definite differences. Apple is the maker of the iPhone so it just stands to reason that they have a few advantages here, but also Android is powered by Google's hardware as one of their options. But if you are looking for a simpler phone Apple would be your best bet.

Apple also offers way more apps than the Android. Even though Apple tends to bit too strict when it comes to what apps they will allow on their iPhone. Google however is a bit easier going when it comes to what apps Android can have. Many critics have said that they feel there is far too much attention put on the fact that Android is so accepting of applications.

Another aspect about Apple that makes it such a great option is the fact that they have become gaming leaders. Some people have predicted that Apple may even surpass companies like Nintendo and Sony in the future. They have become a superior platform for tens of thousands of cool games.

Both of these cool phones of course have internet capabilities and are both equipped with built-in GPS. Android has an advantage here in that it offers turn by turn spoken navigation. The iPhone doesn't run a Flash program, although android boasts of the fact that it does. Even though in some respects this is a major plus some people have said the Flash program doesn't run very well on Android's tablet as it should.

In summary, if you are into having tons of choices, then android is the best phone for you. Android works with four major US phone carriers although iPhone is only offered on three. Even though many people love having so many innovative options, if you are looking for a simpler make of iPhone that will hold a charge Apple continues to be the winner hands done. Check into the two of them today online and see which one would interest you the most. It is all a matter of personal choice and style.