Saturday, January 14, 2012

Safety at Javelin Training

You've probably all seen those videos of people being hit with javelins, through their body, their leg, etc. etc. Yeah, it's funny for a few seconds but would you really like to be the one hit by the javelin? Or the person who threw the javelin which hit that person?

Probably NOT! Here are some tips to avoid such accidents:

Many javelin throwers will have multiple javelins to throw at training. Many throwers will also be throwing when other people are at the track and possibly throwing also.

As a general rule you should always throw ALL the javelins before going out to collect all of them.
This eliminates the risk of anyone throwing the javelin while someone else is collecting another one.

Never throw a javelin towards someone or have them throw towards you. That is just sheer stupidity. I don't care if they say "you'll never throw it this far!" That's irrelevant, the risk is quite obviously there.

If there are others using the track while you are throwing, try cordoning off the throw zone to prevent people walking across as a short cut.

When collecting javelins be careful where you walk and be aware that you don't collide with the tail end of the javelin protruding from the ground. Walk along side it and pull it out holding the grip. This will avoid pulling it into you. Also if more than one person is collecting place your other hand on the point of the tail of the javelin. This will help avoid injury to anyone who happens to end up standing behind you.


10 Best Symbian Applications for Your Symbian Phone

Symbian is one of the most reliable and most used operating mobile operating systems. The biggest brand in cell phones, Nokia uses Symbian and so do some of the phones from the Sony Ericsson stable, like the Sony Vivaz. Let us look at the ten best Symbian applications that you should have on your phone:

1. Google Search Client: Compared to the standard Google search from your mobile phone, the Symbian Google Search Client can give faster results and displays search results in an easy to read mobile friendly format.

2. Fring: Download Fring for Symbian as a centralized chat platform where you can integrate famous chat programs like Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo, Skype, ICQ etc. You can also make VOIP calls wherever you can get Wi-Fi network. You can make cheap international calls through Skype at cheap rates

Symbian Application Development: The in-Demand Mobile Application Development Strategy

Symbian OS is one of the most popular operating systems that powers special smart phones including Nokia phones, Sony Ericsson phones, and some Motorola phones too. Symbian operating system offers a brand new set of features for better performance in its latest version. The Symbian software runs on the ARM processor and can integrate many software applications all at a time. Browsers, word processors and games can be installed simultaneously and run too. The first phone which was launched with the Symbian OS was the Nokia 9210 was launched in 2000. It was a basic and ordinary-looking handset with a simple keypad and screen at first glance.

The Symbian OS was built by Apple and the present iPhone OS is just a version of the original OS X operating system. The overall Symbian OS application ecosystem is witnessing a growth of 30% per quarter. They are the highest selling smart phone applications after the iPhone apps. The Symbian Smartphone is more than just a phone because it can function like a complete eBook Reader (the application is free) which runs on all Symbian smartphones. There are a wide range of downloads available in terms of themes, games, utilities, sport and music titles for the Symbian OS.

The Symbian OS is rated as one of the most advanced operating system for high end mobiles. They can function like a computer or laptop. Relevant applications can be developed only when efficient application developers are hired who are highly experienced in providing well advanced Symbian development services tailored for your needs. The Symbian OS has greater sustainability than any other OS. Additionally, there are a plethora of features that can be provided by the Symbian developers. Different features on offer include:

Review Sites Allow Gadget Insurers To Redress Customer Grievances

Gadget insurance is the financial and practical safety net of choice for increasing numbers of people nowadays, due to the amount of gadgets everyone possesses and relies upon in their everyday work and personal lives. Recent research indicated that half of the UK population regularly carries up to £500 worth of mobile phones, Bluetooth, laptops, camcorders, games consoles, cameras and sat navs. Looking specifically at mobile phones alone, its is estimated than 6 million are annually damaged, lost or stolen. Given the sheer volume of gadgetry, and the importance it plays in people's lives, it is no surprise that insurance review sites are full of interesting customer feedback about gadget insurers.

Customers, who have had real experiences of gadget insurers review their policies, their claims and anything else they want to get off their chests. Other customers refer to review sites to get an insight in to what people who have already been there and done it actually feel. It is interesting to note that some gadget insurers have made it their business to keep a close eye on insurance review sites. They do this because it gives them the opportunity to acknowledge both the positive and negative feedback posted about them on a review site.