Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Smartphone Technology Is Far Beyond Where We Imagined It To Be When Cell Phones First Came Out

Today, there are tens if not hundreds of thousands of repeaters (or more) and more cell phone towers everywhere, it's virtually impossible to go anywhere on the planet where you can't get a signal. In areas where signals are weak on normal cell phones you can find a GPS satellite phone that doesn't use the repeaters or cell towers at all- it literally bounces a strong signal out to the satellite in space and uses IT to broker the phone call connection.

Chances of needing a satellite phone for most people is very low and the network has been slowly getting faster and faster to the point of a 4th generation of network updates (where technology is completely updated to a new version, new equipment, and a much faster connection speed through the air). Smart phones are as powerful today as computers were in the year 2000. That's just the lower end ones. The high end smartphone is as powerful if not more powerful than today's latest computer technologies.

Smart Phones Need Smart Users

Modern smart phones are amazing. I remember my reaction on seeing my first. It was a quantum leap away from the its immediate predecessors, and I was reminded of Arthur C. Clark's famous quote "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic". Here in my hands, was pure Voodoo. Yet as with all things new, human beings have an uncanny ability to assimilate the shock of the new and convert it into the commonplace faster that technology can keep pace, and in no time at all it's all so taken for granted. Familiarity, they say, breeds contempt.

That's a pity, not least because it fools us into seeing the limitations of a technology before we've fully understood its strengths. One of the key dimensions so often overlooked as our option to search out new ways to link existing technologies together, not in a literal sense with plug-ins and apps or WiFi, but in a more human way, with organisation, cross referencing and planning. The internet itself is the most obvious example of a missed opportunity to enhance the value of our cell phones. Leveraging internet technology isn't just about accessing them on our phone's built in browser, it's about joining the dots at a deeper more meaningful level, creating accounts on one that enhance the other. Remember that at its simplest, your phone is a communication tool, and to communicate, you first need to find the person you seek. Finding and being found - or not being found when it's preferable to stay anonymous, is a key talent you should pair with your phone if you want to stay at the cutting edge of what's possible.

iPhone 5 Features

The iPhone 5 has not yet been released in the market. However the predictions about iPhone 5 features seem to have taken the world by storm. It is believed that this latest gadget will change the way smartphones were perceived till date. Almost all the cell phone and Apple sites are ablaze with features that this new entrant can be expected to have.

All that can possibly find entry into the yet to be launched iPhone 5 are as follows:

· The phone is supposed to have an all metal body. The back panel too might be metallic making iPhone 5 a completely different experience from iPhone 4. This new upgrade might do away with square edges and go for curved surfaces. It would also have a larger display area of about 4 inches.

· The next expectation is about the curved 3D glass display. Although the 3D glass display might be a farfetched idea, Apple has bought 300 special glass cutting machines. If that is true, Apple's surely up to something new in the making.

· People are also hopeful that the iPhone 5 features will include an 8 MP camera, with dual flash on the rear. This will enable the users to click good quality picture, with high-resolution even in low light situations.

· Of all the anticipated iPhone 5 features, the most awaited is without a doubt the A5 processor. Apple had introduced the dual core processor in iPad 2, and hence it is quite logical to expect that the same would be used for iPhone 5 as well.

· One of the most glaring things to do would be to do away with the home button. It is expected that Apple is moving towards a more gesture based interface with the help of its iOS 5.

Hire Services of Professional Android App Development Via Outsourcing

Android application development has increased by leaps and bounds. Those who have Android as their OS, are addicted to its applications because they are highly interactive and engaging. Within a short span of time, the downloads of Android apps have overtaken Apple and are selling more apps than iPhone and iPad combined, There are more than 50,000 applications ready for Android smartphone users. Anyone, who wants applications for business, education, lifestlye or any other task, can easily get one by hiring professionals via outsourcing companies. At time, it becomes difficult to find a desired application from the huge heap. In order to get your desired application with precision, you should hire expert Android app programmers who have extensive experience in Android development.

If you want your apps within your budget, then the best choice is to outsource this task to any app development company from countries like India. India has become one of the most prominent destinations for hiring app experts. It is easy to hire experts from the offshore outsourcing companies at the most affordable rates. You can save an enormous amount of money by opting experts from the outsourcing companies, and you also get flexible hiring options for expert Android developer/programmer.

Top 10 Android Apps

Have an Android phone but don't know what apps are worth downloading or purchasing? Android phones are excellent for those who love apps on a daily basis and want an easy way to play games, store information, and do other simple tasks with every unique app. Here are the top ten apps for any Android phone user ranging from games, entertainment to tools and devices:

1. Paper Camera:

Everyone loves to take pictures with their Android phone, but often times the un-original camera filter apps become old after a while. Paper camera is only a 2 dollar app that lets you point the camera at what you're shooting and it automatically applies the filter you have chosen while you're taking your pictures. There's a total of 12 unique effects and you can simply press the next button to see all of them while your camera is on. This exciting app also features sharing options.

2. Speaktoit assistant:

The Speaktoit assistant app is similar to the iPhone's Siri and is handy in many situations. To use this free app, simply ask a question or place a request and the assistant will direct you to Google searches, near-by locations or even tools in your Android phone. You can also change the voice of the speaker to make it fun!