Wednesday, March 14, 2012

iPhone 5 Features

The iPhone 5 has not yet been released in the market. However the predictions about iPhone 5 features seem to have taken the world by storm. It is believed that this latest gadget will change the way smartphones were perceived till date. Almost all the cell phone and Apple sites are ablaze with features that this new entrant can be expected to have.

All that can possibly find entry into the yet to be launched iPhone 5 are as follows:

· The phone is supposed to have an all metal body. The back panel too might be metallic making iPhone 5 a completely different experience from iPhone 4. This new upgrade might do away with square edges and go for curved surfaces. It would also have a larger display area of about 4 inches.

· The next expectation is about the curved 3D glass display. Although the 3D glass display might be a farfetched idea, Apple has bought 300 special glass cutting machines. If that is true, Apple's surely up to something new in the making.

· People are also hopeful that the iPhone 5 features will include an 8 MP camera, with dual flash on the rear. This will enable the users to click good quality picture, with high-resolution even in low light situations.

· Of all the anticipated iPhone 5 features, the most awaited is without a doubt the A5 processor. Apple had introduced the dual core processor in iPad 2, and hence it is quite logical to expect that the same would be used for iPhone 5 as well.

· One of the most glaring things to do would be to do away with the home button. It is expected that Apple is moving towards a more gesture based interface with the help of its iOS 5.

· The featured enhancement in IOS is supposed to have an increased RAM too. The RAM is supposed to increase from 512 MB to 1 GB. This will also fit in better with the dual core processor.

· The phone is also rumored to be fire-proof. Although stunning, the company has reportedly applied for a patent. The material used will be a halogen-free flame retardant. This will ensure that your phone always stays fire-proof.

· Again, according to features which are expected in the new iPhone is an extended battery life. This will support all the additional features that the new phone will boast of.

These are some of the anticipated features of the 5th generation Apple smartphone.