Saturday, January 14, 2012

Review Sites Allow Gadget Insurers To Redress Customer Grievances

Gadget insurance is the financial and practical safety net of choice for increasing numbers of people nowadays, due to the amount of gadgets everyone possesses and relies upon in their everyday work and personal lives. Recent research indicated that half of the UK population regularly carries up to £500 worth of mobile phones, Bluetooth, laptops, camcorders, games consoles, cameras and sat navs. Looking specifically at mobile phones alone, its is estimated than 6 million are annually damaged, lost or stolen. Given the sheer volume of gadgetry, and the importance it plays in people's lives, it is no surprise that insurance review sites are full of interesting customer feedback about gadget insurers.

Customers, who have had real experiences of gadget insurers review their policies, their claims and anything else they want to get off their chests. Other customers refer to review sites to get an insight in to what people who have already been there and done it actually feel. It is interesting to note that some gadget insurers have made it their business to keep a close eye on insurance review sites. They do this because it gives them the opportunity to acknowledge both the positive and negative feedback posted about them on a review site.

Every review left on one of the most popular review sites is responded to by a company representative. In the vast majority of cases, customers are thanked for their positive reviews. Chris from Hartlepool says: "I have had my mobile phone insured for a few months now, and unfortunately I lost my phone while out on a weekend. I phoned the customer service team and was amazed at how fast they managed to deal with my case, and the speed I received an alternative model phone. The customer service rep was very helpful and answered all my questions as best he could.

In response to Chris's, the insurer itself posted back: "Thanks for taking the time to review us. I'm delighted to hear that you are happy with your replacement phone, and that your case was dealt with promptly by our customer services team."

In cases of less complimentary feedback, personal responses are posted from the highest level. Pipford from London received the following response to a post about a complex claim left on a review site: "Thanks for bringing this to our attention... I am keen to discuss this with you directly so that we can understand more about your claim, and go through everything in detail.

Responding to review site feedback allows gadget insurers to:-

    Acknowledge- when a customer has taken the time and trouble to post a great review, the gadget insurer has the opportunity to say thank you for their business and their praise

    Assist- if a less than glowing review is posted, it is often the case that gadget insurer in unaware of a customer's dissatisfaction. This happens to all gadget insurers, as people are often prone to ranting and raving without having voiced their grievances to their insurer. Company responses suggesting definitive courses of action provide potential solutions to customers experiencing problems. They additionally highlight a gadget insurer's trustworthiness and commitment to their customers.

Such responses to review site posts indicate high standards of customer care by a gadget insurer. They also offer clear pointers to customers browsing review sites about the sort of gadget insurer they might want to do business with.