Saturday, January 14, 2012

Safety at Javelin Training

You've probably all seen those videos of people being hit with javelins, through their body, their leg, etc. etc. Yeah, it's funny for a few seconds but would you really like to be the one hit by the javelin? Or the person who threw the javelin which hit that person?

Probably NOT! Here are some tips to avoid such accidents:

Many javelin throwers will have multiple javelins to throw at training. Many throwers will also be throwing when other people are at the track and possibly throwing also.

As a general rule you should always throw ALL the javelins before going out to collect all of them.
This eliminates the risk of anyone throwing the javelin while someone else is collecting another one.

Never throw a javelin towards someone or have them throw towards you. That is just sheer stupidity. I don't care if they say "you'll never throw it this far!" That's irrelevant, the risk is quite obviously there.

If there are others using the track while you are throwing, try cordoning off the throw zone to prevent people walking across as a short cut.

When collecting javelins be careful where you walk and be aware that you don't collide with the tail end of the javelin protruding from the ground. Walk along side it and pull it out holding the grip. This will avoid pulling it into you. Also if more than one person is collecting place your other hand on the point of the tail of the javelin. This will help avoid injury to anyone who happens to end up standing behind you.